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Zuria Vega and Jaime Camil, confirmed as the protagonists of "Mi riqueza eres tú"

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After many rumors, the names of the protagonists of the Mexican remake for the Colombian telenovela "Nuevo rico, nuevo pobre" were finally revealed. Sylvia Pasquel announced she’ll be participating in this new version, produced by Rosy Ocampo, and which will be called "Mi riqueza eres tú", and that the stars of the novela will be Zuria Vega y Jaime Camil.

The provisory name was “Pobres Rico”, but in the end it was decided that the novela will be called "Mi riqueza eres tú". It will replace"Libre para amarte" in November. It will also be a comedy.

Pasquel said: “Zuria and Jaime Camil are the leading actors. We’re very happy because they’re both very successful and usually have good ratings.”

Susana Dosamantes and Mark Tacher are also said to be part of the cast.

Filming for the telenovela is going to start on October 1st.

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