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Araceli González, Marcela Kloosterboer and more ‘travel back in time’ for a gala event inspired by "The Great Gatsby"

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“Gente” magazine celebrated this past week 48 years with its annual gala event, which was attended by many stars from the showbiz in Argentina. The theme of the event was "The Great Gatsby", and the decoration, in addition to the dresses of the attendees were inspired by the glamorous 20's.

As happens every year, many are the stars who want to appear on the cover of the gala issue, but only a few can. It was decided that the stars who will appear on the cover will be: Verónica Lozano, Flor De la V, Araceli González, Natalia Oreiro, Mariana Fabbiani, Carla Peterson, Griselda Siciliani, Catherine Fulop, Valeria Mazza and Susana Giménez.

One of the big anecdote of the night was the encounter between Araceli González and Griselda Siciliani. Araceli was sitting while waiting for the cover photo to be taken when Siciliani entered. She hugged her and joked: "Guys, this will be the issue’s cover", making everybody laugh.

But there were also several notable absentees, including the diva Mirtha Legrand, who was actually not invited. The magazine assured that the designers were the responsible for choosing the actresses they wanted to dress.

Other ‘divas’ who were not invited were Moria Casán and Carmen Barbieri.

Check out the photos from one of the most glamorous event of Argentina:

Leonora Balcarce

Araceli González

Catherine Fulop and daughter Oriana Sabatini

Esmeralda Mitre

Florencia Torrente

Flor de la V

Florencia Peña

Guillermina Valdes 

Marcela Kloosterboer

Martina Guzmán

Pamela David

Sabrina Garciarena

Susana Giménez

Valeria Mazza and husband Alejandro Gravier

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