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Facundo Arana and wife María Susini enjoy a vacation in the snow with their kids

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After spending four unforgettable days at the end of the world last winter, Facundo Arana (41) and wife María Susini (35) wanted to repeat the experience, but this time surrounded by their children. They packed their bags and brought their three children: India (5) and twins Moro and Yaco (3). Together they headed to Ushuaia, ready to enjoy the mountains and the snow of Cerro Castor, a true wonder of nature with 650 skiable acres.

María was in charge of all the arrangements and she chose a cottage at the luxurious Castor Ski Lodge resort. Delighted with their house at the mountains, the boys spent hours making a big snowman, which they decorated with “accessories” like a hat, a scarf and gloves.

Shortly after arriving, the whole family hurried to the snow. While Facundo and María perfected their snowboarding skills, the children took some skiing lessons at the local skiing school. A big fan of the mountains, Arana wanted to see from the air the world's southernmost hill and the city of Ushuaia, and his wife accompanied him on the adventure. This experience could have brought back some memories from the time when he proposed to her as they flew over Everest, after Facundo had to be evacuated by emergency from the Himalaya because of a pulmonary edema.

The happy family also strolled through ancient paths that are lost in the woods, which fascinated the children. There was also time for snowball wars and even to enjoy the adrenaline rush of a motorcycle ride down the slope which stands over a thousand meters high. With Facu at the wheel, Maria was hugging her beau and the kids were sitting in a cart that was attached to the motorbike, the family toured the snow valley and had lots of fun. 

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