Marido en Alquiler Miguel Varoni

Miguel Varoni makes his first appearence in “Marido en Alquiler”

1:02 PMNovelas Radar

The distinguished actor Miguel Varoni returns to Telemundo’s screen with “Marido en Alquiler” beginning tonight at 9PM/8C. Varoni plays José Salinas, Griselda’s husband, a sly and emotionally distant man who disappeared from her life more than a decade ago. He is determined to do everything possible to win back Griselda’s love, but when he realizes this will never happen he tries to ally himself with Teresa Cristina (Maritza Rodríguez) to go after her money instead. The two will have a passionate and surprising affair in the novela.

“Marido en Alquiler,” Telemundo’s second co-production with Globo (Brazil), is full of romance, love, humor, emotion and betrayal. Starring Sonya Smith, Juan Soler and Maritza Rodriguez, this beautiful and unforgettable telenovela tells the story of Griselda (Sonya Smith), a kind and determined woman who works as a handyman to support her three children. Due to life’s circumstances, she meets Reinaldo (Soler), an honest man and chef who becomes delighted with Griselda’s essence. This will be the reason why Reinaldo’s wife, Teresa Cristina (Rodríguez), an elegant, class-conscious and superficial woman, will get jealous and will do anything possible to destroy her, especially when she realizes she is losing her husband.

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