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Danna Paola banned by Televisa?

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Seems that Danna Paola’s refusal to participate in the upcoming production of Nicandro Díaz 'Hasta el fin del mundo' didn’t go through smoothly with the Televisa executives. The company where she started her career years ago being a little girl is now closing its doors for her, with the decision to avoid hiring her as an actress and to ban her from the company.

It was reported that this drastic decision was taken after Danna refused to participate in 'Hasta el fin del mundo', where she was supposed to play one of the leading roles alongside Marjorie de Sousa and Claudia Álvarez. Her refusal was made because of other work commitments that were already pre-scheduled, such as performing in the musical 'Wicked' and a starring role in the American film 'Saving Sara Cruz'.

Because of this ban, starting from April 1, it became prohibited to mention her name in any of the Televisa programs. In addition, producers will not be allowed to cast her in telenovelas.

Michelle Renaud, who recently played the young Rebeca Murillo in ‘El Color de la Pasión’, will probably replace Danna as the young protagonist of 'Hasta el fin del mundo'.

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