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Will Ximena Navarrete’s acting in ‘La Tempestad’ live up to the expectations?

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With only a few days before the premiere of the long awaited telenovela ‘La Tempestad’, many are not only awaiting the return of William Levy to Mexican telenovelas, but also to see how the show’s leading lady Ximena Navarrete will handle her first ever acting role. Although the ex-miss universe is a gorgeous woman, many are doubting her acting abilities. Will she prove them wrong?

Navarrete is ready to face any kind of response. She said that criticism will always exist, and that she tries to take everything with a positive attitude, while enjoying her work. “I’m very dedicated to the project and I like to inspire good things.”

Meanwhile, director Mónica Miguel commented that anyone who begins a certain career doesn’t have enough experience, and that the criticism regarding Navarrete’s acting is normal, and that it is something that any actor has to face. She also said that she believes that Navarrete’s acting in the show will be good and that she thinks that she will be able to overcome her flaws in the future.

The highly anticipated novela, starring Navarrete, Levy and Iván Sánchez will premiere on May 13 in Mexico. We'll have to tune in on Monday to see if she's up to the challenge of becoming one of Televisa's leading ladies.

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