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Grazi Massafera, Cauã Reymond and Isis Valverde: everything about their big scandal

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Sometimes life imitates art and the big scandals and love triangles that happen in the novelas are seen in an even larger scale in real life. Such was the scandal that shook Brazil during the end of last year, and which involved Grazi Massafera, Cauã Reymond and Isis Valverde, three of the hottest Brazilian stars.

Although rumors of a possible separation of Grazi Massafera and Cauã Reymond began circulating at the beginning of 2013, it seems that the scandal with Isis was the last straw in the famous relationship. Cauã Reymond and Isis Valverde worked together as the protagonists of the miniseries “Amores roubados”, and had to travel to the Brazilian northeast to film the series during last summer. It was revealed that they supposedly began an affair during this time, and were seen leaving production parties together, and spending time one with another.

On October, a Brazilian journalist published on his blog that Grazi Massafera and Cauã Reymond ended their six year relationship after Grazi found out about the affair. It was published that the actor had left the house where he was living with Grazi and their two year old daughter Sofia when he returned from the filming of the miniseries.

Although at the beginning Cauã denied the rumors, stating: “They separated us once more”, it soon became obvious that the couple had indeed ended the relationship, but tried to cover things up temporarily for the sake of their endorsement deals, which presented them as the model like family.

While Grazi deleted all photos of Reymond from her Instagram, it was said that her ex was spotted several times at Isis’ house. It was also informed that Isis ended her longtime relationship with Tom Rezende.

However, they were supposedly told by their public relations specialists to never admit their affair, because it will harm even further their public image. Angry fans soon began ‘attacking’ Isis’ Instagram, leaving malicious comments and accusing her of the separation of their favorite couple and hurting Grazi.

It was also said that Reymond and Valverde ended their involvement, and that he was having a really hard time, wanting to get back together with Grazi. But Grazi didn’t forgive him. It was rumored that she is currently dating a businessman, but her press office denied this rumor.

Meanwhile, the now infamous miniseries ‘Amores Roubados’ began airing on January 6 in Brazil. During the presentation of the series to the press, the entire cast had to attend, including Isis and Cauã. Cauã supposedly tried to avoid any contact with Isis during this inevitable encounter, and both had to fake a smile while posing for pictures. In the miniseries, while is ironically called ‘Stolen Loves’, he will play a playboy that steals the hearts of several women, including Valverde’s.

Cauã and Grazi on better days...

Isis and her ex-boyfriend

Cauã and Isis while filming 'Amores Roubados'

And during the awkward press conference

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