Telefe announces new schedule with 'Todos Juntos 2014': photos and videos

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On Monday, April 7, Argentine channel Telefe presented its new program schedule for the upcoming year with the big gala event 'Todos Juntos 2014'. The biggest stars of the network were in attendance and shined on the red carpet at the Faena Arts Center of Puerto Madero.

Aliados opened the event, which was hosted by Marley. The network presented some of the new programs and reality shows, along with the new novelas of Telefe. 

Gustavo Bermúdez and Ana María Orozco presented their series ‘Somos familia’, while Joaquin Furriel, Luciano Castro, Luciano Cáceres and Peto Menahem presented a new trailer of ‘Sres Papis’.

Following the huge success of ‘Avenida Brasil’, Mexican duo Jesse y Joy were invited to sing one of the songs of the Spanish OST of the novela: ‘Llorar’. It was also announced that the Brazilian novela ‘Salve Jorge’ will soon premiere under the name ‘La Guerrera’. Brazilian miniseries ‘Amores Roubados’, starring Cauã Reymond, Murilo Benicio, Isis Valverde and Patricia Pillar, will also air this year.

One of the most exciting moments of the night was the presentation of ‘Camino al amor’, the new telenovela starring Sebastián Estevanez and Carina Zampini, the stars of ‘Dulce Amor’, which will soon be remade as ‘Hasta el fin del mundo’ in Mexico. Rodolfo Beban, Tina Serrano, Juan Darthés, Mariano Martínez, Eugenia Suárez, Sofía Reca, Sol Estevanez, Georgina Barbarossa, María Leal and Mercedes Funes were among the cast members of ‘Camino’ that were present at the event.

Photos from the event:

Ana María Orozco

Betina O´Connel

Carina Zampini

Cris Morena

Eugenia Suárez

Marcela Kloosterboer

Luciano Castro

Laura Esquivel

Julieta Díaz

Juan Darthés

Joaquín Furriel

Gustavo Bermúdez

Mariano Martínez, Sebastián Estevanez and Juan Darthés

Mariano Martínez and Sebastián Estevanez

Mariano Martínez 

Oriana Sabatini and Peter Lanzani

Sebastián Estevanez and Carina Zampini

Sebastián Estevanez

Vanesa González

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