Ariadne Díaz brake ups

José Ron and Ariadne Díaz brake up: a year of romance in photos

4:14 PMNovelas Radar

Sad news for fans of the couple José Ron and Ariadne Díaz, who reportedly recently broke up after one year. A source that is close to the couple revealed that they ended the relationship on December 24, because they realized that it wasn’t working: “During the last months they’ve been very unstable. They were fighting, braking up and then making up. Then, after a while they were fighting again.”

The source also revealed that Ariadne was even thinking about marrying Ron: “She is very much in love, but I know them both and that their relationship is worn out, and it was better to end it, because they were hurting each other with so many fights.”

These news are shocking to the loyal fans of the couple, that began their relationship while starring together 'La mujer del vendaval' last year. It was reported a few months ago that they were planning to move in together in the beginning of the year, and fans were certainly dreaming of a fairytale novela-style wedding for their favorite couple.

Maybe the last words haven’t been said in this relationship. Meanwhile, here are some of the best photos of this amazing and very photogenic couple: 

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