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Maritza Rodríguez and husband Joshua Mintz become proud parents of twins

2:09 AMNovelas Radar

Actress Maritza Rodríguez gave birth to her twin baby boys Akiva and Yehuda on Sunday night in Miami. They are the first babies of Rodríguez and husband Joshua Mintz, the executive vice president of scripted programming and general manager of Telemundo studios.

Although they were born a month earlier than planned, as Maritza’s due date was only in the middle of May, they are perfectly healthy. Rodríguez expressed her happiness in a recent interview: “I can’t explain the happiness I’m feeling. It’s indescribable. They’re the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen.”

After becoming a mother for the first time, Maritza will take a break from her busy schedule as an actress to dedicate her time to her family. Prior to giving birth she revealed that she’s been taking some time for herself, doing what she loves: reading books, swimming and learning Kabbalah. Her last role was the crazy Teresa Cristina Palmer in ‘Marido en alquiler’.

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