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Celebs attend the premiere of ‘Dos pícaros sinvergüenzas’

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The premiere of the play ‘Dos pícaros sinvergüenzas’, starring Pol-ka boss Adrián Suar and Guillermo Francella, seemed like an award show, as top Argentinian celebs crowded the Teatro Metropolitan Citi theatre to watch the show.

Among the colleagues and friends that attended the premiere were couples like Peter Lanzani and Martina Stoessel, Lali Espósito and Benjamín Amadeo, Carla Peterson and husband Martín Lousteau, Emilia Attias and husband Turco Naim, Gimena Accardi and Nico Vázquez, Gonzalo Heredia and Brenda Gandini, Osvaldo Laport and Viviana Sáez and Julieta Díaz and her husband. Suar’s wife, actress Griselda Siciliani, was excited to see the play and posed for pictures with his son Tomás.

Suar and Francella already starred the successful play ‘La cena de los tontos’, and may repeat the success with their play.

Check out the photos of the famous couples that attended the show:

Calu Rivero

Carla Peterson and Martín Lousteau

Emilia Attias and Turco Naim

 Eugenia Suárez 

Gimena Accardi and Nico Vázquez

Griselda Siciliani and Adrián Suar

Siciliani and Suar's son Tomás

Julieta Díaz and her husband

Lali Espósito and Benjamín Amadeo

Osvaldo Laport, wife Viviana Sáez and their daughter

 Peter Lanzani and Martina Stoessel

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