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In memory of Mónica Spear [1984-2014]: remembering her life and career

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Mónica Spear’s murder was one of the most discussed topics of this past week, and the internet is full to the smallest details with countless reports about the devastating news, what happened and where. We are all angry, sad, outraged and in total shock because of her unjust and cruel murder, that took away her life at such a young age, when she was doing so well professionally and growing so much as an actress, and raising her little Maya, who was the apple of her eye.

Therefore, we decided to make a different report to remember this wonderful actress that impressed us all last year with her brilliant interpretation of Bianca Santillana in ‘Pasión Prohibida’. But most importantly, she always shined on everybody around her as an amazing and brave human being that loved life and lived life to the fullest.

In this page, we’ll remember some of the important moments of her life and career.

Spear was born in October 1, 1984 to Rafael Spear Tudares and Ingeborg Mootz Gotera. She had four siblings: Rafael Eduardo, Carolina, Javier José and Ricardo. The family moved to Orlando, Florida in 2000.

After completing a bachelor's degree in theater from the University of Central Florida, Mónica came back to Venezuela and won the title of Miss Venezuela 2004. She also participated in the Miss Universe 2005 beauty contest in Thailand, which she finished as the fourth runner-up.

Although she liked modeling, she had it very clear that her real passion was becoming an actress. She matured as an actress with each new role, and always chose challenging and complicated roles, impressing the viewers with her talent. She started her professional career with ‘El Desprecio’ in 2006. Her first leading role was in ‘Mi Prima Ciela’, in which she played a high-school student battling leukemia. In 2009 she was the protagonist of RCTV’s ‘Calle luna, Calle sol’.

She also starred the 2010 Venevisión telenovela ‘La Mujer Perfecta’, where she played Micaela, who has a form of autism called Asperger syndrome. This character also inspired her to join the NGO ASODECO, a Venezuelan organization that works to help improve the life quality of people with incapacities. She soon became their ambassador, and not only volunteered there, but became a real friend of the members of the organization and spent her free time there every time she could, in addition to promoting ASODECO and posting photos on her social network accounts.

In 2010 she became the leading actress of Telemundo’s ‘Flor Salvaje’, where she played a brave woman who becomes prostitute to help her sisters. Her last novela was 2013’s ‘Pasión Prohibida’, where she interpreted Bianca, a woman whose love for the nephew of her rich and older husband leads her to insanity.

After completing the novela, she soon travelled back to her beloved Venezuela, where she spent the last months of her life, together with her little daughter Maya, who was born in 2008. During this time she centered all her attention on her little daughter, and posted photos of her spending time with Maya.

Her last trip was to the west of Venezuela, together with her daughter and ex-husband Thomas Henry Berry. It was reported that they were possibly attempting to reconcile at that time. During her trip, she shared many images with her followers and fans from places like the Delta del Orinoco and Laguna de Mucubají.

The last day of her life was January 6, 2014. That day she left this world to become an angel in the next. We will forever remember her.


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