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Novela Pages: La Impostora

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Telemundo/ 8pm/7c
Premiere: January 14, 2014
Originally written by Sebastián Arrau and Coca Gómez
Adaptation for Telemundo by Sebastián Arrau


“La Impostora” tells the story of Blanca Guerrero, an attractive waitress in the Mexican resort town of Puerto Vallarta who has an extraordinary knack for mimicking other people. 

A rich and powerful businessman named Adriano Ferrer discovers her talent and hires her to impersonate a millionaire investor in New York. As part of her mission, she infiltrates the household of the Altamira family to discover the whereabouts of Adriano’s missing son. The plot gets more complicated when she falls in love with Eduardo Altamira (Sebastián Zurita), the son of Raquel Altamira (Christian Bach), with whom she begins a passionate love affair.


BLANCA GUERRERO – (Lisette Morelos)
Blanca is a cheerful, hard-working, clever and generous young woman with an unusual talent for imitating other people.  She is quick on her feet and good at talking her way out of complicated situations.  All of these skills will be put to the test when Adriano Ferrer hires her to impersonate a millionaire New York investor, Victoria San Marino, so she can infiltrate the household of the Altamira family.  Blanca is really the daughter of Memo Guerrero, a seaman and loyal employee of Leonidas Altamira’s shipbuilding company.  Blanca’s mother died when she was a little girl, leaving Memo to raise the couple’s three children. Blanca has devoted herself to helping her father, giving up her own youth to take care of the household. Too busy with work and her responsibilities at home to find romance, Blanca has secretly never given up on finding true love one day.

EDUARDO ALTAMIRA – (Sebastián Zurita)
Eduardo Altamira is an alpha male, a smart, assertive man who knows what he wants and always gets it.  But he is also honest and never sacrifices his principles to achieve his goals.  His daughter, Sofía, is much more important to him than financial success.  He has always been intelligent, kind and a smooth talker, making him Raquel’s favorite “son.” 

RAQUEL ALTAMIRA – (Christian Bach)
No one suspects that behind her façade of professionalism and sophistication, Raquel Altamira is really a dangerous psychopath. Raquel is an elegant, refined woman who rarely loses her temper in public, but when she does she is a force to be feared and capable of great cruelty.  Thanks to her astuteness and complete lack of principle, Raquel has cultivated an flawless reputation as a brilliant businesswoman, exemplary daughter, selfless mother and devoted widow faithful to her husband’s memory.  In reality, none of this could be farther from the truth: A controlling, capricious tyrant, she neglects her children and purposely drives them apart.

ADRIANO FERRER – (Manuel Landeta)
A self-made man, Adriano Ferrer is a Mexican immigrant who has become a powerful shipbuilding magnate in New York, but a personal tragedy has robbed him of his happiness. Intelligent and charming, he is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants.  Despite his sophisticated manners and refined tastes, he is still at heart a simple man.  He has a natural rapport with common folk and constantly reminds his employees that he worked his way up in life just like them.  He is very handsome and likes to treat woman with old-fashioned courtliness.  Adriano is a gentleman and gallant towards all with a talent for making every woman feel special.

MEMO GUERRERO – (Paco Mauri)
Guillermo “Memo” Guerrero is a dependable and honorable seaman and employee of Leonidas, the founder of the Altamira shipbuilding company.  As a young man Memo married Ángela Acuña, the love of his life and Blanca’s mother.

MARIANA SERRANO – (Begoña Narvaez)
Mariana is as selfish as she is beautiful, a femme fatale with a split personality: On the outside, she’s a pussycat, but on the inside she’s really a savage beast.  She has worked for years handling public relations for the paper company owned by Federico Villablanca, a dangerous arms dealer. Mariana is ambitious, manipulative and a talented liar.  She will do anything to win back Eduardo, her former lover and the father of her daughter, Sofía, whom Mariana abandoned soon after she was born. Eduardo will never forgive her for this. Mariana is coldly calculating and very sure of herself; she pretends to have repented and to want her daughter back.

LEONIDAS ALTAMIRA – (Armando Silvestre)
As a young man, Leonidas Altamira was feared as much as he was respected for his ambition and legendary temper.  Ever since his wife died giving birth to their youngest daughter, Valentina, Leonidas has become increasingly bitter and reliant on his older daughter, Raquel. 

Shy and not very bright, but ambitious nonetheless, Cristóbal is an economist who dreams of outshining his brother Eduardo in all areas of his life: the shipbuilding business, family and his mother’s heart.  His insecurity makes him vulnerable to Mariana’s influence and his character grows darker as the story progresses.

JORGE ALTAMIRA – (Mauricio Henao)
Although his mother forced him to study medicine, Jorge has always been the artist of the Altamira family. Outgoing and a dreamer, he never finished college; the pull of art was too strong.  For years, Jorge has been living a double life: His family thinks that he is continuing his medical studies in Guadalajara, but the truth is that he lives in a poor corner of the city, where he paints and enjoys a bohemian lifestyle.  Raquel dreams of seeing her son the doctor with a rich, sophisticated girlfriend, but Jorge is already in love with a charming, humble neighborhood girl.

At the beginning of the story we don’t know that Leticia, a patient in a psychiatric hospital, is really Valentina Altamira, whom everyone believes dead. Raquel faked Valentina’s death to make sure that Adriano would never come back for his daughter. Valentina is not really schizophrenic, as Raquel has bribed the head of the hospital, Dr. Vargas, to tell her father.  Over the course of the years, however, the drugs she has been forced to take have eroded her sanity.

 KARINA – (Mimi Morales)
Karina is Doña Tita’s niece and Blanca Guerrero’s best friend.  She is modest, friendly and big-hearted, without great ambitions, and secure in her future:  She will marry her boyfriend, Ramón, have lots of children, and keep working in her aunt’s restaurant.

RAFAEL – (Uriel del Toro)
Rafael is Tita’s oldest son, Karina’s cousin, and Blanca’s childhood friend.  At the beginning of the story he works alongside her in the restaurant, where he dreams of becoming rich one day like the city’s millionaires.  The problem is is that Rafael thinks that the rigid class hierarchy of his country will never let him get ahead through hard work alone, so he is willing to do anything it takes to succeed and become someone in life.

 SIMONA – (Elsa Amezaga)
Simona aspires to marry a millionaire who will lift her out of poverty.  She is determined not to follow in the footsteps of her sister, Blanca, who has wasted her youth working from sunup to sundown in Tita’s restaurant.

HUGUITO – (Ricardo Sevilla)
Hugo is Blanca’s younger brother and she loves him like a mother.  Hugo wants Blanca to be happy and it hurts him to see her sacrificing herself for her siblings.

 DOÑA TITA – (Lupita Sandoval)
Tita is Rafael’s mother and Karina’s sister, and the owner of the restaurant that bears her name. She is Blanca’s boss and has always been in love with Memo.  After his tragic death, Tita takes care of his younger children, supporting Blanca in her quest for the truth.

RAMON – (Edgar Iván Delgado)
Ramón is Karina’s boyfriend and Jorge’s friend, and a main obstacle in their relationship.  When he finds out that Jorge and Karina are in love, he tries to get Karina jealous by taking up with Catalina, but he ends up falling in love with her for real.  Ramón will suffer the same fate he wished on Jorge and Karina when Catalina’s father rejects him because of his humble background.  

CATALINA – (Julieta Grajales)
Catalina is Cristóbal Altamira’s girlfriend, but his obsession with Mariana ends up destroying their relationship.  Cristóbal leaves Catalina just days before their wedding, breaking her heart.  She finds consolation where she least expects it – with Ramón, the photographer who works with her in the shipbuilding company’s public relations department.

DIEGO – (Mariano Palacios)
Diego is Catalina’s brother and Eduardo’s childhood friend. He is a decent guy but a bit of a Don Juan.  He becomes obsessed with Victoria and he and Eduardo fight over her.  He accidentally discovers Mariana’s evil plans and, without meaning to, gets involved in a dangerous situation that ends up costing him his life.  He takes with him to the grave some of Mariana’s darkest secrets.

TUERTO – (Néstor Rodulfo)
Raquel’s right-hand man and enforcer, he is secretly in love with his employer.  Ultimately, he turns his back on her, paying for his betrayal with his life.

DOMINGO – (René García)
Domingo has been Adriano’s best friend since their days together in the orphanage.  The director of a theater academy in New York, he takes on the challenge of transforming Blanca into Victoria San Marino and pretends to be Victoria’s father, Peter San Marino.  He doesn’t trust Blanca at first and tries to protect Adriano from her possible betrayal, but he ends up being an important ally.

SOFIA – (Macarena de la Oz)

Sofía is the beloved daughter of Eduardo and the calculating Mariana. When she finds out her father has lied and that her mother is still alive, she turns for support to Victoria, adding inevitably to Eduardo’s attraction to her.  But Mariana is a master of manipulation and thanks to her stratagems Sofía has mixed feelings toward Eduardo and Victoria.

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