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Isis Valverde suffers car accident in Rio de Janeiro

12:14 PMNovelas Radar

Brazilian actress Isis Valverde suffered a car accident during the early morning of this Friday, January 31. It took place close to the actress’ house, in Itanhangá. Valverde’s cousin Mayara was the driver, while Isis was sleeping in the car. They were accompanied by the producer Gabriel Maciel. When Mayara lost control over the vehicle, she hit an embankment and the car overturned. Photos of the wrecked car were released.

Maciel, who was in the car during the accident, said: “It was very fast. We were shocked. She was mildly injured near the neck because of the seat belt”. He also said that after the accident, Isis went home in a cab, and that he later took her to the hospital. He added that Isis didn’t complain about the pain, and didn’t even want to go to the hospital.

She reportedly suffered a fracture in her C1 vertebra and is currently resting in the hospital. She’ll also have to use a cervical collar during ten days.

Her last appearance on TV was in the successful series ‘Amores roubados’. Meanwhile, she might become the protagonist of the future 6pm novela of Globo, ‘Saber viver’.

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