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Silvia Navarro confirmed as the leading actress of ‘La Malquerida’

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fter speculations about the identity of the female protagonist of José Alberto "El Güero" Castro’s remake of ‘La Malquerida’, it has been revealed that Silvia Navarro was chosen to play the leading role in this upcoming Televisa production. Before the confirmation of Navarro, Cecilia Suárez was rumored to play the role. There were even rumors that Mexico’s first lady Angélica Rivera, who is also Castro’s ex-wife, was chosen to play it.

Recently René Strickler was also confirmed as the villain of the novela. It was reported that Victoria Ruffo, Jorge Salinas and Osvaldo de León will also act in this telenovela.

Silvia’s last production was ‘Amor Bravío’ in 2012, alongside Cristian de la Fuente. It was rumored that she wasn’t satisfied with the results of this novela and that she even considered to sign a contract with another channel. It will also be her first telenovela in Televisa that isn’t produced by Carlos Moreno, with whom she collaborated in ‘Amor Bravío’, ‘Cuando me enamoro’ and ‘Mañana es para siempre’.

With this confirmation it is also evident that she will not act in 'Sangre de guerreras'. She was previously mentioned as one of the possible actresses to lead this novela.

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