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Novela stars welcome the New Year! How did your favorite actors celebrate on New Year's Eve?

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Our favorite actors and actresses celebrated the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 with some amazing New Year's Eve bashes. Luckily for us, curious fans, they posted photos of themselves welcoming 2014 on their social network accounts so we could pretend we were there with them. 

Want to find out what your favorite celebs did? Check it out:

Lola Ponce and Aarón Díaz celebrated with their daughter Erin and friends:

Although they didn’t share a picture of themselves together, Gaby Espino and Jencarlos Canela celebrated the New Year in New York with their adorable children:

Ana Layevska and her fiancé also celebrated in New York:

Carmen Villalobos ended the year alongside boyfriend Sebastian Caicedo and friends Mauricio Hénao, Fernanda Castillo and Manuela González:

Julian Gil and his girlfriend Viviana Serna chose a very original way to end 2013 – by climbing on The Berlin Wall:

Venezuelan actors Sabrina Seara and Daniel Elbittar probably had their best New Year's Eve ever, as they got engaged during a trip to Chamonix, France:

Marlene Favela and boyfriend Guy Davidian:

Carolina Dieckmann celebrated with husband Tiago Worcman:

Bruna Marquezine partied 2013 away without Neymar, looking amazing in her white dress and golden shoes, and ended up entering a pool with her dress on:

Another actress who entered the pool with her dress on was Mariana Rios, who attended an exclusive party held at the Copacabana Palace hotel in Rio with colleague Juliana Paiva:

Paloma Bernardi and Thiago Martins:

Cássio Reis and Fernanda Vasconcellos:

Juliana Paes celebrated with her entire family:

Regiane Alves posted a beautiful picture of her and husband João Gomez, showing her growing baby bump. She is expecting her first baby:

Isis Valverde and Thaila Ayala partied with a friend at St. Barths:

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