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Adrián Uribe to play one of the main roles in 'Mi corazón es tuyo'

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As was previously mentioned, producer Juan Osorio is planning to produce a remake of the Spanish series ‘Ana y los siete’. This remake was recently given the provisory name ‘Mi corazón es tuyo’.

While Osorio is taking care of the auditions and casting for this production, one name is already confirmed. Actor Adrián Uribe, who previously participated in ‘Alma de Hierro’, is confirmed as one of the main actors of the novela. He will play George, the boyfriend of the female protagonist until she meets the father of the seven children and falls in love with him. Both will fight for her love.

Arath de la Torre was rumored to play the male leading role, but he stated that he won’t be participating in this novela. On the other hand, it was said that Blanca Soto and Marlene Favela were mentioned as candidates for the leading female role.

This novela will premiere in June.

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