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Will ‘Avenida Brasil’ premiere on TV Azteca instead of ‘Las Bravo’?

3:38 PMNovelas Radar

Although filming for the upcoming TV Azteca production ‘Las Bravo’ will continue as planned, it was recently informed that the company is planning to make some significant schedule changes which will affect the novelas that are planned to be aired on the network.

Due to such changes, ‘Las Bravo’ will supposedly not premiere as planned and will be replaced by the extremely successful Brazilian novela ‘Avenida Brasil’. Although ‘Las Bravo’, starring Edith González and Mauricio Islas, will still be filmed as planned, it is still unknown when it will actually premiere.

‘Avenida Brasil’ will probably air in the 9:30pm timeslot, dubbed in Spanish. This revenge-focused novela became the most successful and most exported Brazilian novela of all times.

Only one of the TV Azteca produced novelas has already granted its timeslot, and it’s ‘Por siempre tuya… Acapulco’, starring Melissa Barrera and Daniel Elbittar. It has already began filming and will air on 8:30pm. 

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