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Alejandra Barros and Flavio Medina confirm participation in the remake of 'Imperio de Cristal'

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Preparations are underway for the remake of the 1994 hit 'Imperio de Cristal', which will be produced by producer Carlos Moreno. We slowly get to know who are going to be the actors who will portray the roles portrayed by such actors as Rebecca Jones, Ari Telch, Kate del Castillo, Alejandro Tommasi, Cecilia Gabriela, Ignacio López Tarso and Alejandro Camacho in the original version.

The protagonist of the remake will be Chilean actor Cristián de la Fuente, who collaborated with Moreno in his last telenovela 'Amor Bravío' last year. Mexican actress Alejandra Barros confirmed via her twitter account that she’ll be participating in the telenovela. She wrote that although she won’t be the protagonist, she’s very happy to participate in this production.

Meanwhile, Flavio Medina will once again make things difficult for Cristián de la Fuente, with whom he also collaborated in 'Amor Bravío', as he was casted as the villain of the novela. He will portray César, the role that was originally played by Alejandro Camacho. Medina stated: “It’s a villain that will have a dark, difficult and complicated parts of his personality. I’m very happy to be working again with Carlos.”

The filming is expected to begin in August, while the telenovela should being airing during October.

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