2013 Adriana Esteves

Avenida Brasil, the biggest winner of the 2013 Contigo! awards

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On May 13th, the 15th edition of the Brazilian Contigo! awards show was held at the Golden Room of the Copacabana Palace. It is one of the most important award ceremonies for Brazilian television. In spite of the big competition, and having many novelas and actors nominated for the various awards, it was last year’s smashing hit telenovela “Avenida Brasil” that snagged the most: a total of 7 out of 13 nominations, including awards for best leading actor, best leading actress, best supporting actor, best child actress, best script, best director and best telenovela.

Adriana Esteves, who won the best actress nomination for her unforgettable role as the villain Carminha, said: “Of course, I’m very happy, you know that. I want to thank all the unforgettable team of the telenovela, my son Cauã (Reymond), the amazing cast… those who are and who aren’t here. What we went through this year was emotional. I also want to thank those who personally worked with me.”

She dedicated her award to her good friend and main “enemy” in “Avenida Brasil”, Débora Falabella: “I want to share this award with a great partner, Débora Falabella. Without Nina there would not be Carminha.”

Full winners list:
Best telenovela: Avenida Brasil
Best script: João Emanuel Carneiro (Avenida Brasil)
Best direction: Amora Mautner, José Luiz Villamarim and Ricardo Waddington (Avenida Brasil)
Best leading actor: Murilo Benício (Tufão – Avenida Brasil)
Best leading actress: Adriana Esteves (Carminha – Avenida Brasil)
Best supporting actor: José de Abreu (Nilo – Avenida Brasil)
Best supporting actress: Totia Meirelles (Wanda – Salve Jorge)
TV revelations: Ivete Sangalo (Maria Machadão – Gabriela) and Titina Medeiros (Socorro – Cheias de Charme)
Best child actor: Jean Paulo Campos (Cirilo – Carrossel)
Best child actress: Mel Maia (Rita – Avenida Brasil)
Best actor in a series or miniseries: Domingos Montagner (Paulo Ventura – O Brado Retumbante)
Best actress in a series or miniseries: Andréa Beltrão (Tapas & Beijos)
Best series or miniseries: As Brasileiras

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