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Marjorie de Sousa to become the new star of 'Perfume de Gardenia'

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After portraying Kendra Ferreti in the very popular 'Amores Verdaderos', it seems that Marjorie de Sousa is ready to move on and will soon face the challenge of becoming the leading actress of the Mexican play 'Perfume de Gardenia', previously made famous by Aracely Arámbula and Sebastián Rulli, who portrayed the two main characters. Although Rulli will return to his role, his girlfriend Aracely will not, and will be replaced by de Sousa, Rulli’s costar in 'Amores Verdaderos'.

De Sousa is definitely enjoying a lot of popularity in Mexico following her latest novela role. José Ron will also be joining to portray one of the main characters, after finishing the filming of his latest novela 'La Mujer del Vendaval'.

The renewed play will premiere in June. Other actors who will participate in this production, produced by Omar Suárez, are Mariana Seoane and Julio Camejo.

Seoane, who was involved in a scandal related to her participation in the play a few months ago, shared her opinion regarding Marjorie’s casting, and said that she thought that a more acclaimed actress in Mexico would be chosen. Nevertheless, she said: “But I never said that she can’t do it or that she doesn’t have the talent for it. She’s gorgeous, she will do very well, she dances well, and I think she has the characteristics that ‘Gardenia’ needs to have.”

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