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Brother of Pablo Montero killed

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Devastating news for Mexican actor and singer Pablo Montero. His brother Javier Hernández Rodríguez (45) was found dead on June 12th in Torreón, Coahuila after being stabbed by some strangers who escaped the crime scene. According to the General Attorney of the State of Coahuila (PGJE), Hernández Rodríguez was assassinated in Ocampo Avenue, between Degollado and González Ortega streets, in the center of Torreón. 

According to the paramedics that were called, he died in the crime scene. He was accompanied by Luz María Videgaray (43), a woman who is currently hospitalized in a severe condition due to various injuries. Currently investigations are being held in order to find the responsible for this horrible crime.

This is not the first brother of Montero to die in tragic circumstances. Three years ago, Monetro’s brother Oliver, who was also his manager, was assassinated in the highway leading to Torreón. The incident was reported as an automobile accident.

Montero released an official statement, according to which: “I would like to express my profound appreciation for your affection, support and prayers. During these moments our family is reunited: uncles, cousins, brothers and friends who are giving us strength to support the regrettable loss of my brother Javier. At the moment I’m taking care of the formalities for the [funeral] ceremony that will take place.”

He also stated: “We are shocked, it came as a surprise. I thank everybody who is worried about us. At the moment we’re trying to assimilate. I still can’t believe it, it’s very difficult to assimilate. At the moment the family is united, we support each other. We will have a very intimate ceremony officiated by a catholic priest that we estimate. We are very shocked, just on the weekend we celebrated the graduation of my niece Sofía."

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