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Paloma Bernardi: “Through Rosângela I discovered that when I’m bad, I’m even better”

3:24 PMNovelas Radar

The character of Rosângela became an important turning point in the career of the gorgeous Paloma Bernardi, who before used to portray mainly innocent girls. The girl who in the beginning of “Salve Jorge” was a human trafficking victim quickly became one of the biggest villains of the telenovela by becoming a member of the human trafficking mafia and becoming an obstacle in Morena’s way to freedom. However, she finally got her punishment in the last episode, which was aired yesterday. She was finally arrested when trying to board a flight in Rio de Janeiro.

Bernardi already misses the telenovela and her first villain Rosângela. She jokingly said: “My last scene was the one filmed at the airport. This character changed my life and made me discover that when I’m good, I’m great, but when I’m bad, I’m even better!”

Her next project will be a movie: “I’m going to participate in a movie that has a ludic universe, which will be very different from “Salve Jorge”.

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