Argentina Eugenia Suárez

Eugenia Suárez, enjoying her last days of pregnancy

3:32 PMNovelas Radar

Pregnant of eight months, Eugenia “China” Suárez (21) is preparing for the arrival of her first daughter in the middle of June. After successfully finishing her participation in the hit series “Solamente vos”, where she played the daughter of Adrián Suar, Suárez has the time to prepare her daughter’s nursery, to rest and to enjoy the company of her loved ones.

Suárez previously commented that the final stages of her pregnancy were very relaxed and that she didn’t have any carvings during the pregnancy. She also confessed that her boyfriend, actor Nicolás Cabré (33), has been more protective and caring than ever, and that he is the one who’s most anxious to finally see his daughter’s face and to hold her in his arms. Regarding the name of their little bundle of joy, Suárez said: “We’ve already decided the name of our daughter, but we will only reveal it when she’s born because we want it to be a surprise.”

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