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Erika Buenfil says goodbye to "Amores Verdaderos"

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The popular Mexican telenovela "Amores Verdaderos" will come to an end this Sunday, with a three hour episode, and it’s protagonist Erika Buenfil recently expressed her opinion regarding her memorable role of Victoria Balvanera and regarding the ending of the show. 

In a recent interview with Javier Poza, Buenfil said that she feels extremely happy and satisfied, as it was a great production that has achieved a lot of success. She also said that the character of Victoria Balvanera will always remain in her heart, because “she is a woman who is fulfilled, a woman that I love, a woman that cried and fought, loved her daughter and family with great intensity, and above all, she found her true love, Ángel Arriaga.”

Although she didn’t want to reveal a lot of details about what is expected in the last episode, she revealed that she and y Eduardo Yáñez filmed some incredible scenes in a Caribbean beach: “We were in the sea; it was a secluded beach, without any people. The blue Caribbean with the sun, the perfect colors of nature, with two people who love each other: Victoria Balvanera and José Ángel Arriaga.” Her last scenes were filmed yesterday in Quintana Roo.

Buenfil also commented on the great chemistry she had with costar Eduardo Yáñez, and said that the chemistry existed since the auditions for the series and helped a lot to make their characters’ love story real. However, she said that in spite of the rumors that they are dating in real life, they are only good friends.

"Amores Verdaderos" will come to an end on May 12 on Canal de las Estrellas with a three hour ending episode, which will begin at 5pm, and will be followed by a one hour special.

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