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Ana Layevska and José Luis Reséndez, ready to become "Dama y Obrero"

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The filming for one of Telemundo’s upcoming novelas began this week in Los Angeles. It was announced that Ana Layevska and José Luis Reséndez will play the leading roles: Ignacia and Pedro, while Fabián Ríos and Felicia Mercado will be the villains. This telenovela will be a remake of the Chilean hit telenovela of the same name, which was aired on TVN throughout 2012. It was originally written by José Ignacio Valenzuela, who also wrote “La familia de al lado”, the original Chilean novela which was remade by Telemundo as “La casa de al lado” in 2011. It will be adapted for Telemundo by Sandra Velazco. Catalina Mora, Sofia Lama, Christina Dieckmann and Shalim Ortiz are also expected to participate in this anticipated telenovela.

The telenovela, which is expected to premiere during the summer, will be filmed in such locations as Beverly Hills, East LA, Santa Monica and Malibu. As its title suggests, it will focus on a troubled love story between two people from different world: a rich girl and a poor guy. Will they be able to overcome all the obstacles that stand in their way?

 Layevska and Reséndez had worked together in the 2005 Televisa novela “La Madrastra”, where they played a couple.  She and Ríos also collaborated in the 2010 Telemundo series “El Fantasma de Elena”, where they both played villains. This will be the first main role for Layevska in Telemundo. On the other hand, it seems that Reséndez and Ríos can’t move on to a new project without working together. This is their third telenovela where they work together in a row. They played brothers in “Los Herederos Del Monte” and good friends in “Corazón Valiente”, however, they will play rivals in their new series.

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