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Sophie Charlotte, Fernanda Vasconcellos and Isabelle Drummond show their “Sangue Bom” for Estilo magazine

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Brazilian actresses Sophie Charlotte, Fernanda Vasconcellos and Isabelle Drummond, who are currently the female protagonists of the 7pm telenovela “Sangue Bom”, became the cover girls for the June edition of “Estilo” magazine. Each of the beauties revealed her own unique style and fashion sense through the photo shoot.

They also spoke about the way fashion relates to their characters. Sophie Charlotte, who plays the it-girl Amora, revealed that she sought information about the fashion world during her preparation for the novela: “I watched the French documentary film “Profession: It Girl”, by Laurent Lunetta. It was about how the current it-girls became popular. Although the term itself is quite old and appeared in the 20’s, the boom is recent. I also began following some of these girls on Instagram and started reading fashion blogs.”

Fernanda Vasconcellos told that there are more important priorities than always following the latest trends: “The pressure to be always dressed well does exist, as well as many others, but I don’t pay attention to it. Of course I’m concerned with my visuals, but my focus is my career. I’m not a slave of my appearance.”

Meanwhile, Isabelle Drummond, who had to let go of her feminine side in order to portray the tomboy Giane in the novela, spoke about having to trim her beautiful long hair for the role: “After we had our script reading with the authors, a specialist for preparing actors for their roles helped me to find the right tone. I needed to detach myself from my personality, and therefore, cutting my hair was essential.”

Make sure to check out the photos:

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