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Dama y Obrero 

A love that dared to go beyond all differences and prejudices

Telemundo/ 8pm/7c
Original run: June 24, 2013-October 18, 2013
Originally written by José Ignacio Valenzuela
Adaptation for Telemundo by Sandra Velasco

Ignacia (Ana Layevska) is a young engineer who works for an important construction company that belongs to Tomas (Fabian Rios), her boyfriend. Ignacia and Tomas have been together a long time and finally decide to get married, although Ignacia could never imagine the kind of man Tomas really is. Days before the wedding, they have a heated argument, and Ignacia decides to leave town and have some time to herself. That is how she meets Pedro (Jose Luis Resendez), a charming, seemingly wealthy man, who makes her forget all her problems. Their attraction is immediate and mutual. With neither being able to control themselves, they end up spending an unforgettable weekend together, each falling in love with the other. However, Ignacia knows she is only living a dream, a parenthesis in her life, so first thing Monday morning, Pedro wakes up to only find a note from Ignacia, thanking him for their time together but leaving him no trace of how to find her.

Regretting what happened, Ignacia returns home to find that Tomas is waiting for her with a new position in the company, expecting her to forgive him. She accepts the post, but when she goes to visit the construction site that she will now be managing, she is shocked to find herself face-to-face with Pedro, an average construction worker with no money and no great aspirations.

Pedro, indeed, is just another worker at the site, while Ignacia is the boss, the wealthy one, the one with all the professional success. The differences between Ignacia and Pedro are great, like a deep chasm that separates them, however, they will discover that their passion and love is stronger than anything else, and as much as they try, they cannot be apart. Among Ignacia’s well-to-do family and Pedro’s working class family, the relationship causes a scandal. The more the couple gets closer, the more reasons arise for those around them to believe that theirs is an impossible love.

Ignacia and Pedro will discover that, despite having every reason not to be together, they will love each other above prejudice, differences and rejection, however, they will have to ask themselves whether it’s all worth it when it seems that the entire world is against them.


She’s a beautiful, smart and sensitive young woman of very good social status and college-educated. She has a natural gift for leadership and believes that women are not the weaker sex. Ignacia is a woman who has not experienced true passion in her life. When she finds it, she won’t give it up and will cling fearlessly to whom she considers the love of her life. She's willing to do anything to show everyone that having love is more than enough. She has a very poor relationship with her mother, whom she doesn't consider a friend and is always quarreling with her. She is incapable of forgiving Mariano, her father, for having abandoned them when she was a child.

PEDRO PEREZ – Jose Luis Resendez
He’s very attractive, sexy and manly. Pedro is sensitive and smart, but also very impulsive. He’s a humble guy, who leads a tough, hard-working life. He doesn't have a steady job and makes a living from whatever jobs he gets. He has a huge heart and dreams of having a small house of his own and several children. He falls hopelessly in love with Ignacia, even though deep down he knows she could never be his. He's proud and a little headstrong, which many times go against his best interest. He loves his family above all, especially his mother, with whom he has a terrific yet over-protective relationship. He has a girlfriend, Mireya, whom he loves, but not in the same way as when they first began dating.

He’s attractive, smart, clever, unfaithful, cynical, and unscrupulous; he has no principles. Tomas is a complete perfectionist, a serious man, who wants to marry Ignacia above all things. He's obsessive, extremely tidy, meticulous, somewhat difficult and conservative. He always wants to get things done his way. By all appearances, he is a prince of a man, one who knows how to make a woman happy, with gifts and romantic details. However, drinking turns him into a very different person: he's a fierce and challenging adversary, as he lets out all that evil within him.

ESTELA – Felicia Mercado
She is Ignacia and Ruben’s mother, and Alfonsina’s daughter. Estela is a cold, heartless woman, brilliant, decisive and unforgiving. She comes from a very good social status. She was left alone at an early age and had to learn to get ahead on her own, something she's always repeating as if she wanted to blame all those around her for it. All her dreams and illusions are placed on Ignacia, whom she raised in her own image. She's capable of hatred and not forgiving, even the people she loves. She is Julio's main enemy and will not rest until she separates him from her daughter. She has a strange relationship with Tomas, her son-in-law, whom she worships and venerates above all things.

He is attractive, very smart and a good man. He is a civil engineer and works at the Omega Construction Company. He has a somewhat malleable personality, which leads him to not be able to form his own opinion or a voice about anything. He will be continuously manipulated by Karina when she discovers she needs a facade to continue her relationship with Tomas. Unwittingly and unintentionally, he will be Karina's puppet who will play with him as she pleases. He's an affectionate guy of good feelings who only dreams of settling down with a good woman and having children. Becoming aware of Karina's lies will bring out the worst of his personality.

MIREYA GOMEZ – Sofia Lamas
She is Pedro's girlfriend, a girl of humble origins, who dreams of marrying Pedro and changing her life. She's been in a wheelchair for two years, after a car accident she had with Pedro. She appears to be calm and acts as if she has overcome her condition, but she is deeply bitter and resentful after being confined to a wheelchair. She becomes obsessed with Pedro and will do everything possible to stay with him.

ALFONSINA – Tina Romero
She is Estela’s mother, and Ignacia and Ruben’s grandmother. Alfonsina is a much more liberal woman than her own daughter. She is cheerful, fun, and someone who can read between the lines in situations. She will be the go-between in Ignacia and Pedro’s relationship, encouraging her granddaughter to follow her heart.

Ruben is Estela and Mariano’s son, and Ignacia’s brother. He's a rebellious boy, the black sheep of the family. He's violent, aggressive and permanently looking for trouble to upset others. Deep down, he's a guy anxious to be loved, but who's always had to be strong to get ahead. Misguided by bad company, he will end up stealing and in drug conflicts and his issues will get complicated when the police start looking for him. His mess has cost millions that Tomas has financed, as a gesture of solidarity. His entire life will take a dramatic turn when he faces a personal situation.

GINA PEREZ – Lilian Tapia
Gina is Pedro’s mother and Margarita’s sister. She is attractive, sexy, lively, lighthearted, smart and spontaneous. She is a woman of humble origins, hard-working and who has always been very lucky. Everywhere she goes, she's always the queen of the place. This was precisely what captivated Mariano when he met her, almost thirty years ago.

He is a man of an enormous inner life, cheerful and a little bohemian, who saw how his vital energy subsided forever once he married Estela. Forced by his wife, a woman full of secrets and capable of extortion, he leaves his family against his will. When he hears that his daughter is getting married, he decides to regain that past and close this chapter of his life. He loves his daughter Ignacia, thus suffering when he faces his children's strong rejection. When he is reunited with Gina, he feels he can't leave again and decides to stay close to try and tie all the loose ends in his existence.

MARGARITA PEREZ – Monica Sanchez-Navarro
Margarita is Lupita and Pedro’s presumptive “mother,” and Gina’s sister. She’s a hard-working and self-denying woman, who has dedicated her entire life to the care of others. In love with Olegario, she feels she is her sister’s rival when she realizes that he is flirting with Gina.

Olegario is Mireya’s father, and a project manager at Tomas’s construction company. He's whom everyone calls "the old sage." He has a great deal of patience, is good at giving advice, and he is the first person to notice something is going on between Ignacia (his boss) and Pedro. Olegario’s life is a real mystery, and he himself has made sure to fuel a legend around himself. He's in love with Gina, but she doesn't seem to have the time or the energy for love.

KARINA CUERVO – Christina Dieckmann
She is Ignacia's best friend. Karina is attractive, sexy, but also a liar and manipulative. She’s her friend’s complete opposite: She likes to party, is emotionally unstable, changes boyfriends often, and her motto is "live as if the world is coming to an end." She's cynical and very resourceful to get what she wants. In time, she will realize that she is completely in love with Tomas, and will have to go out of her way to keep her feelings to herself. She will even start a relationship with Jose Manuel in order to hide her feelings.

He’s Pedro's co-worker, an expert in masonry. He's fun, talkative, falls in love very easily, and is good at partying, telling jokes, drinking beer and wrestling. He has always liked Mireya, Pedro's eternal girlfriend, but the loyalty to his friend has prevented him from getting close to her. His reputation as a womanizer will be his worse sentence when he decides to settle down. He's a lonely guy, who has no family, and who sees Pedro as a brother.

LUPITA PEREZ – Carolina Ayala

Lupita is Margarita’s daughter and Pedro's sister. Lupita is in high school and a model daughter. She's generous with her mother, helps out at home, and is responsible in her studies and a model student. All this begins to change when she meets Ruben, and her world turns upside down. She falls hopelessly in love with him and, to her surprise, gets pregnant. She is expelled from school, rejected by her family, and the last thing Ruben wants is to help her. So she decides that the best thing she can do is harden her heart and become a cold and manipulative woman.

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