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Ana Brenda plans her religious wedding

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Actress Ana Brenda Contreras is planning her religious wedding with bullfighter Alejandro Amaya, to be held in the end of this year in Mexico. The couple already got married in an intimate civil ceremony held in Las Vegas a few months ago. As for her upcoming wedding, the protagonist of 'Corazón Indomable' said: “You’ll see, there are some issues that I’m still resolving together with Alejandro, and some things that we want to keep private and that you will find out about later. The wedding will be held in Mexico.”

She also revealed that she there’s a magazine to which they sold the rights to publish the exclusive official photos from the event: “It will all be very discreet and intimate, as we like, and above all because there will be many members of our families and also public figures, and we want them to have a good time.”

Contreras also announced that after her telenovela she’ll move to Spain because of her husband’s work in Sevilla: “Now I have to accompany him. He was with me during the entire telenovela, but I can’t give up what I love, which is my career and above all, my country, where my family lives. After finishing the telenovela, I’ll rest a bit, we will celebrate the wedding and then we will go to Spain for the rest of the year.”

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