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William Levy takes a break from "La Tempestad" in order to reconstruct his character

1:52 PMNovelas Radar

It’s been more than a week since Cuban actor William Levy has appeared in "La Tempestad", the telenovela starred by him and Ximena Navarrete. The last scene in which he was seen was the scene where his character Damián Fabré and wife Esthercita (Laura Carmine) suffer a mysterious boat accident, caused by villain Hernán (Iván Sánchez).

The prolonged absence made many fans worried, but it is said that it was planned in order to reconstruct the entire storyline and the character. As the ratings of the novela aren’t doing very well, especially after the big success of its predecessor “Amores Verdaderos”, it is said that the production is planning to make some changes to help the telenovela become more popular and gain acceptance from the public.

Do you think the changes bring in more viewers in the new phase of the telenovela? 

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