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Eduardo Yáñez to temporarily leave telenovela-land

1:47 PMNovelas Radar

Mexican actor Eduardo Yáñez (52) recently revealed that after the success of his latest telenovela “Amores Verdaderos”, he decided to temporarily leave the telenovelas in order to make it big in the cinema industry. He said that one of his biggest dreams has always been making movies.

It’s not his first attempt at making in big in Hollywood. After finishing filming for “Corazón Salvaje” in 2011, he left Mexico for Los Angeles in order to try out for exciting cinematographic roles there, but had little luck and came back to Mexico.

He added that he also want to give opportunity to new actors to become telenovela stars, after starring a primetime telenovela that aired during almost a year: “I’m one of those actors who think that after being on air for 11 months with a telenovela, they should give the public the opportunity to enjoy other options. Now it’s the turn of my colleague actors to show what they’ve got.”

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