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Laura Carmine suffers an accident while filming "La Tempestad"

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U.S.-Mexican actress Laura Carmine, who currently portrays Esthercita, the comical villain of "La Tempestad", recently suffered an accident when she slipped while filming for the novela. She said: “I’m intense with my scenes. When I was told to run, I was running and giving it my all, and I think that I slipped because of a leaf that was on the ground, and because I was running so fast, I should have fallen first on my butt, but I fell very badly and my first reaction was putting my arm first.”

She also revealed that she suffered an intense pain after the accident and that the hurt her entire leg, causing her not being able to move for a while. Although the pain gradually decreased, she continued to suffer from pain in her lower back, neck and the wrist on which she leaned herself in order to avoid her head from getting hurt. She’s staying in Mexico City in order to get better after her accident, but she’ll return to work next week.

Carmine confirmed that she’ll continue her participation until the end of the telenovela and revealed that there will be many changed in the story and that her character Esthercita will go through notable changes after the boat accident that she suffered in the telenovela.

Regarding her costar William Levy, she said that he’s indeed very handsome, but that relationship between them is strictly professional.

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