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Barbara Mori to play a psychologist and a DJ in a U.S. series

10:40 AMNovelas Radar

The gorgeous actress Barbara Mori is less than a month away from starting filming her newest series with Fox in the U.S. After the huge success of "Ruby", Mori has been more focused on making cinema and quality programs and has temporarily left the world of telenovelas.

She recently revealed some details about the characteristics of the series and her character: "I'm preparing the series, and we will being recording it in a month. I’ll portray a psychologist and a DJ, and the series deals with the human identity of who we really are, because every day we look in the mirror hoping to find someone different, someone who is happier and younger ".

In addition, it was reported that Sergio Mayer Mori, the son of Barbara and actor Sergio Mayer, is now back in Mexico after spending several years in a U.S. military school.

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