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Aracely Arámbula bids farewell to ‘La Patrona'

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The final episode of the telenovela ‘La Patrona’, starring Aracely Arámbula and Jorge Luis Pila, aired this week of Telemundo. After 127 episodes, Gabriela Suarez (Arámbula), who returned to San Pedro del Oro as the rich and powerful Verónica Dantés, finally managed to take revenge on her mortal enemies, headed by Antonia Guerra (Cristian Bach), and marry the man of her life Alejandro (Pila).

Through twits on her Twitter account, ‘La Chule' expressed her excitement and gratitude: “Such a special day, today is the end of our dear ‘Patrona’. Thanks to everybody for making it a success!!!! I adore you with all my ❤.”

She later added: “So many beautiful messages move me to tears. Thank you. A very loved and endearing story that I’ll hold in my heart forever ✨❤”

Devoted to her fans, she also wrote:#ArafamiliaPatronal, thanks for always being her, accompanying me every day and sharing with me this story. Thank you for all your love, it’s mutual ✨🙏”

The telenovela was one of the most successful productions for Telemundo, and in addition to reaching outstanding ratings in the U.S., it was also sold to many other countries.

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