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English title: Trail of Lies
Original Run: May 20, 2013 - January 31, 2014
Musical theme: Maravida, by Daniel
Written by Walcyr Carrasco
Directed by Mauro Mendonça Filho and Wolf Maya
221 episodes

Trail of Lies is a story of love and ambition centered on Paloma (Paolla Oliveira), who lives in conflict with her family. Secretly adopted, she learns the truth from her conniving brother Félix (Mateus Solano), who wishes to eliminate her at any cost in order to become sole heir to the fortune of their parents, doctors who own a hospital. The revelation comes during a trip to the astonishing historic cities of Peru, where Paloma falls in love with the adventurous Ninho (Juliano Cazarré).

Shocked by the news of her adoption, she runs off with her new companion until her pregnancy makes her decide to return to Brazil. With no money for plane tickets, Ninho accepts the help of his nefarious friend Alejandra (Maria Maya), and ultimately winds up in jail in Bolivia. Alone in Brazil, Paloma seeks Félix’s help, who, sticking to his plan convinces her to keep the news from their parents. After leaving jail, Ninho finally arrives in São Paulo, fights and breaks up with Paloma, who becomes flustered and winds up giving birth to a baby in a bathroom at a bar. Upon finding his unconscious sister, Félix disposes of his newborn niece by abandoning her in a dumpster. Luckily, she is found by Bruno (Malvino Salvador), a hard-working, respectable man who, by a twist of fate, had recently lost his wife and son in childbirth. With the help of a doctor friend, Bruno is able to alter his wife’s death certificate and raises the child, whom he named Paulinha, as his own. At the same hospital, Bruno meets Paloma, who feels an immediate affinity for the girl. The two reunite years later and a mature love is born between them.

Soon to be married, Ninho’s return and the unexpected illness of Paulinha (Klara Castanho) put a twist in the couple’s life. Paloma learns she is the child’s biological mother and decides to fight for her custody, even if the opponent is the man with whom she had chosen to live.

In a story filled with secrets, revelations, and disputes, this telenovela portrays unpredictable consequences of lives based on a dangerous and surprising network of lies.

Paolla Oliveira - Paloma Khoury
Malvino Salvador - Bruno dos Santos Araújo
Mateus Solano - Félix Khoury
Bárbara Paz - Edith Sobral Khoury
Susana Vieira - Pilar Khoury
Antônio Fagundes - César Khoury
Eliane Giardini - Ordália Aparecida dos Santos Araújo
Fúlvio Stefanini - Denizard Trajano Araújo
Elizabeth Savalla - Márcia do Espírito Santo
Tatá Werneck - Valdirene do Espírito Santo
Luís Mello - Atílio Pimenta Camargo (Alfredo Gentil)
Klara Castanho - Paula Sousa Araújo (Paulinha)
Vanessa Giácomo - Aline Noronha
Juliano Cazarré - Joachim Roveri (Ninho)
Maria Casadevall - Patrícia Mileto
Caio Castro - Michel Gusmão
Ricardo Tozzi - Thales Brito
Marina Ruy Barbosa - Nicole Veiga de Assis
Fernanda Machado - Leila Melo Rodriguez
Marcello Antony - Eron Mesquita
Thiago Fragoso - Niko Mesquita
Danielle Winits - Amarylis Mestieri
Fabiana Karla - Perséfone Fortino
Nathalia Timberg - Bernarda Rodriguez
Ary Fontoura - Dr. Lutero Moura Cardoso
Daniel Rocha - Rogério
Rosamaria Murtinho - Tamara Gouveia Sobral
Anderson Di Rizzi - Carlos José dos Santos Araújo (Carlito)
Leona Cavalli - Glauce de Sá Benites
Júlio Rocha - Jacques Sampaio
Carol Castro - Sílvia Brandão de Oliveira
Thalles Cabral - Jonathan Sobral Khoury
Françoise Forton - Gisela Borba de Andrada Lemos (Gigi)
Bel Kutner - Joana Rangel
Maria Maya - Alejandra Reys Moreno
Carolina Kasting - Regina Maria dos Santos Batista (Gina)
Bruna Linzmeyer - Linda Melo Rodriguez
Genézio de Barros - Amadeu Campos Rodriguez
Emílio Orciollo Netto - Murilo de Andrada Lemos Corrêa
Rodrigo Andrade - Daniel Melo Rodriguez
Vera Zimmerman - Simone Maia
Sandra Corveloni - Neide Melo Rodriguez
Christiane Tricerri - Vega Azevedo Pimenta Camargo
Paula Braun - Rebeca
Mouhamed Harfouch - Pérsio
Kiko Pissolato - Maciel Pereira
Lucas Romano - Luciano dos Santos Araújo
Neusa Maria Faro - Ciça
Cristina Mutarelli - Priscila Khoury
Nathalia Rodrigues - Elenice Marinelli
Celso Bernini - Jefferson Mattos
Pierre Baitelli - Laerte Torres
Renata Castro Barbosa - Marilda Fernandes
Ângela Rebello - Lidia
Thavyne Ferrari  - Sandra Alves Corrêa (Sandrinha)
Marcelo Schmidt - Valentin Reys Moreno
Felipe Titto - Wagner Carvalho
Raquel Villar - Inaiá
Camila Chiba - Hideko Akiyoshi
André Garolli - Vinicius Frazão
Francine Melo - Karina Ramos


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