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Caio Castro and Maria Casadevall deny that they’re dating

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The chemistry and the steamy sex scenes between Brazilian actors Caio Castro and Maria Casadevall in the telenovela 'Amor à vida' are so believable that soon after rumors about an off-screen relationship followed. However, both actors denied that they’re dating. On Saturday, July 27, both actors visited the water park ‘Beach Park’ in Fortaleza and posed for the cameras, showing once again the evident chemistry that exists between them. However, both used the opportunity to deny that there is something more than friendship between them, although some earlier reports claimed to have seen them leaving the same hotel.

Castro said: “if I would be dating Maria, I would have said it, but I’m not. We’re staying in different hotels here in Rio and we don’t even have time for coffee together. Maria is a partner, a friend.” The beau added: “There was only one time when these rumors bothered me, it was when they said that I was involved with a married colleague, and it was a problem for her. But I’m already used to it. They always say that I’m dating my colleagues.”

Meanwhile, Maria also said that there’s nothing going on between them: “We never dated. But I know that these things appear in the media because they sell, and that the couple was so believable that people began imagining things.”

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