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Will 'La tempestad' end a month earlier? Levy and Navarrete talk about the criticism they received

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Because of its low ratings, sources from the production of Televisa’s primetime novela 'La tempestad' revealed that it will probably end airing in November, a month earlier than what was planned. The series was suffering from low ratings since it began airing in May, and it seems that the latest changes that were made to the storyline, which included finally removing William Levy’s long extensions and adding Mariana Seoane to the cast as a mysterious and sexy dancer and singer didn’t help very much to save the sinking ship. Moreover, the telenovela has also been losing some of its advertisers because of the low audience numbers.

Meanwhile, the stars of 'La tempestad' William Levy and Ximena Navarrete have been promoting the show in the U.S, where the novela will begin airing through Univision On July 29, replacing “Amores Verdaderos”.

Levy commented on the makeover that he underwent: “Captain Damián Fabré is a character. I don’t work to look good, so to be honest I don’t care if they make me go bald or whatever, I play a role and I have to adapt to my characters, so I’m sorry of many don’t like it.”

His costar Ximena Navarrete spoke about the criticism that she received: “All the comments and the criticism are appreciated because it means that people are informed about what we do and that’s what we want: for people to watch the telenovela and to be informed about our work. So I appreciate with all my heart any negative or positive comments because they help to learn. Besides, I understand that I’m exposed to all this because of my work. It’s the career that I chose, so I have to learn to live with this because people will always talk, criticize, sometimes will say good things or bad things. Everything is ok. We are focused on our work, it’s what matters most.”

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