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Mike Amigorena and Monica Antonopulos enjoy a romantic afternoon in Palermo

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Although neither of them has officially confirmed their relationship, actors Mike Amigorena (41) and Monica Antonopulos (31) recently showed their love in public during a romantic date.  On Sunday at noon both of the “Los Vecinos en Guerra” co-stars walked around the streets of Palermo and enjoyed a romantic lunch at a restaurant on Humboldt Street. After buying some ice cream the couple spent the afternoon in the Monica’s apartment.

Antonopulos broke up with Coraje Avalos (40) two months ago after seven years of relationship and after giving birth to her firstborn Camilo on April 20, 2012, and she had confessed that she wanted to be alone.  Meanwhile, Amigorena was rarely seen dating after he finished the relationship with actress Carla Peterson. 

Right after the filming for “Los Vecinos en Guerra” began, rumors about a possible romance between the two started to spread. In a recent interview she said: “Mike is a hottie, he’s a genius, he makes me laugh and I love him a lot. We didn’t know each other before. We have a good vibe going on, but we don’t have labels. A person doesn’t choose with whom to fall in love, but if it would happen it would be a great prize.” Judging by the images, it seems that the couple is definitely enjoying this “great prize”.

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