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Sherlyn talks about her upcoming wedding and baby plans

1:59 PMNovelas Radar

Mexican actress Sherlyn is preparing for her October wedding with politician fiancée Gerardo Islas Maldonado, who gifted her with a dazzling engagement ring during their romantic trip to Bali. She commented: “In October we’ll have our civil wedding ceremony, and we don’t know if the religious one will be in March or April, we’re still defining the date.”

The actress, whose latest telenovela was “Amores Verdaderos”, also told about her desire of becoming a mother: “I adore children and don’t want to wait a lot, to be honest. First we’ll celebrate the wedding and hopefully in the nest year I’ll give you the good news. I don’t know, it will be according to God’s desire, but if it was up to me, right now!”

When asked regarding her career, she said that she’s not planning to retire: “I won’t retire nor take a time off unless I am pregnant, and then I’ll take some time to enjoy my pregnancy.”

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