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Novela Pages: Quiero Amarte

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Quiero Amarte

Premiere: October 21, 2013
Remake of ‘Imperio de Cristal’ (1994)
Written by: Martha Carrillo and Cristina Garcia
Produced by: Carlos Moreno

The story begins years ago, when Mauro falls in love with Elena, the heiress to the coffee plantation “El paraíso”. Together they have one daughter named Juliana, but soon Mauro becomes a widower and attracts the attention of Lucrecia, who becomes obsessed with him. But he wants to find a true love, and falls in love with Florencia, a young woman working in the plantation. But Lucrecia plots to separate them, and marries Mauro after telling him she’s pregnant with his child, although he doesn’t love her. Florencia decides to marry David. She gives birth to a daughter named Amaya.

After 30 years, Amaya, a woman who seems like the exact copy of Florencia, appears in the lives of Mauro and his family. At first Amaya is married to Horacio, with whom she has a daughter called Valeria. On the other hand, Maximiliano, the handsome son of Mauro and Lucrecia, is engaged to the beautiful Constanza. But everything changes after he meets Amaya, who becomes the big love of his life.

When they fall in love, all the passion, hatred and intrigue from the past come back to the lives of their families. Lucrecia, Horacio and César will do anything to separate them. Will they be able to overcome them and be happy together?

Karyme Lozano - Amaya Serrano Martínez de Espinoza / Florencia Martínez de Serrano
Cristian de la Fuente - Maximiliano “Max” Montesinos Ugarte
Diana Bracho - Doña Lucrecia Ugarte de Montesinos
Flavio Medina - César Montesinos Ugarte
Alejandra Barros - Juliana Montesinos Carmona
José Elías Moreno - Don Mauro Montesinos
Adriana Louvier - Constanza Olazábal
Salvador Zerboni - Horacio Espinoza
Luz María Jerez - Eloísa Ugarte
Olivia Bucio - Dolores Morales de Valdez
Salvador Sánchez - Cipriano Valdez
Cassandra Sánchez-Navarro - Flavia Montesinos Ugarte
Hernán Canto - Lucío Montesinos Ugarte
Ricardo Franco - Salvador Romero
Jean Paul Leroux - Jorge de la Parra
Otto Sirgo - Manuel Olazábal
Tanya Vázquez - Carolina Rivera
Renata Notni - Mariana Valdez Morales
Andrés Mercado - Iván Fonseca
Briggitte Bozzo - Valeria Espinoza Serrano
Héctor Sáez - Héctor Fonseca
Yolanda Ventura - Genoveva
Diego Amozurrutia - Ulises Hernández
Patricia Martínez - Chelo
Gabriela Goldsmith - Emma
Vanesa Restrepo - Nora
Thelma Dorantes - Amparo
Javier Herranz - Padre Hipólito
Germán Gutiérrez - Alain
Cristiane Aguinaga - Laura
Abril Onyl - Hortensia
Kelchie Arizmendi - Nuria
Sebastián Llapur - Franco
Jonnathan Kuri - Aarón Méndez
Zadkiel Molina - Heriberto
Elizabeth Dupeyrón - Hilda
Roberto Ruy - Efraín
Xorge Noble - Baldomero
Pilar Escalante - Vera
Alejandro Tommasi - Omar Vásquez
Abraham Ramos - David Serrano
Estrella Solís - Enfermera
Mafer Lara - Alina
Alex Sirvent - Don Mauro Montesinos (young)
Elena de Tellitu - Doña Lucrecia Ugarte de Montesinos (young)

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