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The internationally acclaimed telenovela “Avenida Brasil” comes to Telemundo beginning January 6

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Telemundo kicks off 2014 with the premiere of “Avenida Brasil,” a worldwide hit coming to U.S. screens for the first time on Monday, January 6 at 12pm/11am Central.  A story that has moved millions of viewers in more than 120 countries and 17 languages, “Avenida Brasil” follows the fate of a little girl orphaned by her stepmother’s greed.  Abandoned in a garbage dump, she meets the boy who will grow to be the love of her life, but the two are separated when they are adopted by different families and given new names.  They never imagine that destiny will bring them back together as adults when she takes a job as a cook in the home of the archenemy who gave her up for adoption, only to reencounter her childhood love.  Viewers can follow "Avenida Brasil" on Facebook/AvenidaBrasilUS and follow @AvenidaBrasilUS on Twitter. 

Starring the internationally renowned Murilo Benício (El Clon), “Avenida Brasil” is the dramatic story of Rita (Débora Falabella), who struggles to recover the birthright stolen from her by her stepmother, Carminha (Adriana Esteves).  After Rita’s father dies under suspicious circumstances, Carminha and her lover, Max (Marcello Novaes), send the girl to live at the garbage dump so she won’t interfere with their get-rich schemes.  There, Rita is forced to work under a cruel man named Nilo (José de Abreu), but she has the fortune to meet Batata (Eduardo Simões), a young boy who becomes her best friend and true love.  He takes her to live with the other children at the dump until they are adopted, each by a different family: she by a loving couple that takes her to live abroad, renaming her Nina; and he by Carminha and Tifón (Murilo Benício), who call him Jorgito (Cauã Reymond).  Years later, Nina tracks down Carminha and talks her way into a job as the family’s cook to pursue her plans for revenge.  Once inside the household, she is stunned to discover that she and Carminha have something very important in common: Their love for Jorgito, Nina’s childhood friend and soul mate and Carminha’s adopted son.

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