La Gata Maite Perroni

Maite Perroni confirms her return to the small screen next year in "La Gata"

12:39 PMNovelas Radar

After dedicating 2013 to making music and releasing her first solo cd “Eclipse de Luna”, Mexican actress Maite Perroni is ready to return to telenovela-land next year. She recently confirmed that next year she will be starring the new novela “La Gata”, alongside Daniel Arenas.

Maite will also continue to promote her music next year, and will probably be singing the musical theme of the show: “I will have the opportunity of singing the musical theme, and also to sing the song of the couple, so it’s ideal because I’ll be able to combine music with acting. Hopefully I’ll be able to perform in concerts during the weekends, because I’ll be filming from Monday to Friday in the set,” said Maite.

Referring to the upcoming production, she said enthusiastically: “I’ll be working again with producer Nathalie Latrilleux and I’ll be able to act with Daniel Arenas, interpreting this story. Next year I’ll be making a television comeback with this project that I’m excited about”.

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