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Jorge Salinas and Victoria Ruffo confirmed to act in "La Malquerida"

9:18 AMNovelas Radar

It was confirmed that Mexican actors Jorge Salinas and Victoria Ruffo will participate in the upcoming remake of "La Malquerida", which is expected to premiere next year. It was previously mentioned that the two will play two of the four leading roles in this novela.

Adriana Louvier and Osvaldo de León are rumored to play the younger couple in this remake of producer José Alberto Castro.

The novela will be based on the book of Jacinto Benavente, and its story was already produced as a movie in 1949. The book tells the story of the romance between Doña Raymunda and Don Esteban, who get married after she lost her husband, but her daughter Acacia couldn’t accept their relationship. Acacia later realized that she actually felt very attracted to her stepfather, who began to kill the suitors of his stepdaughter, and thus earning her the nickname 'la malquerida' (the unloved).

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