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José Ron confirms the cancellation of 'Madre sustituta’

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Disappointing news for the fans of Mexican actor José Ron: after rumors came out earlier this month, it was confirmed that the telenovela 'Madre sustituta' will eventually be cancelled. The production was supposed to premiere in 2013, starring Ron and Esmeralda Pimentel and produced by Giselle González.

Supposedly, it was decided by the Televisa executives that the novela is too intense for the hour on which it was supposed to air. The actor said: “it was cancelled. It was because of the storyline of the novela, but I’m relaxed and thankful to Giselle for choosing me. At the moment I’ll be studying. I will wait for the right time to work with her.”

'Madre sustituta' was supposed to tell the story of a woman who faces economic problems and who takes care of her ill father. To earn money, she becomes a surrogate mother, but later she regrets the decision, not wanting to give away her baby.

Meanwhile, Ron also confirmed that he’ll be leaving 'Perfume de Gardenia'. He recently announced that he’ll be moving in together with girlfriend Ariadne Díaz.

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