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Santa Diabla/Broken Angel

Original Run: August 6, 2013 - February 24, 2014
Written by José Ignacio Valenzuela
136 episodes

Santa Diabla tells the story of Santa Martínez, a woman obsessed with justice and revenge who meets the love of her life and must choose between her feelings for him and the vengeance she has pursued for so long.

Santa Martínez is a gorgeous woman born to a poor family, and hasn’t moved from her birth town Marrero. She married her longtime boyfriend Willy Delgado and they became the parents of a boy named Willy Jr.

Santa’s life is about to change when Willy is hired as the private music tutor of Daniela Cano, the granddaughter of Gaspar Cano, one of the most powerful and richest lawyers of the village. It’s a great opportunity for Willy to earn more money and offer a better quality of life for his family. However, there is a sudden twist when Bárbara Cano, Daniela’s mother, who is a woman that is obsessed with seducing men, becomes obsessed with Willy and begins a dangerous game. Although she’s married, Bárbara is willing to do anything to capture Willy’s attention. The situation gets even more complicated when Willy discovers Daniela’s addiction. When she finds out he knows the truth, Daniela becomes infuriated. She and her mother decide to take revenge and get rid of the honest music tutor. They pretend that Willy was molesting Daniela. Desperate, Willy confesses to his wife that he’s innocent of all charges. Santa, who believes her spouse with all her heart, supports him and together they decide to face the problem. But Bárbara’s trap seems perfect, and Willy asks Santa to get out of the country with their son in order to avoid any repercussions.

When Willy is condemned to 30 years in prison, Santa decides to do anything to help her husband be declared innocent and become a free man, but things complicate once more when Humberto Cano, Bárbara’s brother, who is also the prosecutor, decides to transfer Willy to the interior part of the jail. When Santa and her son come to visit him, she is informed that Willy has died after a problematic situation with other prisoners.

The devastating notice not only breaks Santa’s heart, and she swears that she won’t stop until she finds out the entire truth and take revenge against all those who participated in the trap that destroyed her family and killed her husband. Armed with a master plan that is supposed to avenge each and every member of the Cano family, she returns with a new identity as the diabolic Amanda, who is willing to do anything for her revenge.

But the thing she least expects is to fall in love with one of the members of the Cano family. Santiago, the third Cano brother, is a charming musician who steals Santa’s heart at first sight. Although he wasn’t involved in the devious plan to destroy Willy, Santiago is still a part of the Cano family, which Amanda hates with all her heart. She will realize that her plan is at risk if she avenges the family of the man she loves. Will she choose to be happy with the man of her life of will go through with her revenge?

Gaby Espino - Santa Martínez / Amanda Braun
Aarón Díaz - Santiago Cano
Carlos Ponce - Humberto Cano
Ximena Duque - Inés Robledo
Wanda D'Isidoro - Bárbara Cano
Frances Ondiviela - Victoria Colleti
Ezequiel Montalt - Jorge "George Milan" Millan
Jeimy Osorio - Mara Lozano
Roberto Mateos - Patricio Vidal 
Lis Vega - Lisette Guerrero
Zully Montero - Hortensia de Santana
Fred Valle - Gaspar Cano
Virna Flores - Paula Delgado
Eduardo Orozco - Arturo Santana
Kenya Hijuelos - Lucy Medina
Alberich Bormann - Iván Cano
Raúl Izaguirre - Vicente Robledo
Luis Caballero - Carlos Colleti
Gerardo Riverón - Milton Reverte
Beatriz Valdés - Begoña Flores
María Raquenel - Tránsito
Javier Valcárcel - Pancho Robledo
Ana Osorio - Daniela Milan
Lincoln Palomeque - Willy Delgado
Gilda Haddock - Francisca de Cano
Jorge Eduardo García - Willy Delgado Jr.
Francisco Porras - Marcos Aguilar


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