Altair Jarabo birthdays

Altair Jarabo celebrates her birthday and launches a career as a businesswoman

11:37 AMNovelas Radar

Altair Jarabo recently celebrated her 27th birthday while filming for the telenovela ‘Mentir Para Vivir’, where she portrays Raquel. The production team organized a surprise party for the Mexican actress, who said: “I celebrated my birthday while working, and I always thought it is a good sign to be working during all my birthdays.”

When asked about her current telenovela, she expressed how thankful she is towards the production team of ‘Mentir Para Vivir’ and producer Rosy Ocampo. Although she had to work during her birthday, she revealed that she will hold her birthday party during the weekend.

Besides her acting career, Jarabo is also preparing her debut as a businesswoman and planning to launch an accessories line and a new fragrance, among other projects. She revealed that investing in this project was an exciting experience for her: “The accessories line opened a new field for me, as a businesswoman. I’ve taken many important decisions, including decisions about prices, materials, targets, strategies. Obviously, I was advised by people from the brand that have the experience, but who gave me the opportunity to make big decisions, and I liked it.”

She also spoke about her upcoming fragrance and revealed that all decisions regarding her perfume were decided by her: “I specified which aromas I wanted, fresh or floral… in the end, a floral-fruity aroma, which is a bit fresh, was chosen. It will be named Altair.”

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