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William Levy denies romance rumors with Ximena Navarrete

12:01 PMUnknown

The Cuban actor William Levy assured that he doesn’t care about the rumors of a possible romance between him and his ​​co-star in ‘La Tempestad’, Ximena Navarrete.

Levy said his relationship with his family is very close despite all the gossip, and that his free time is dedicated entirely to his wife and children, as he enjoys his role as a husband and father. In addition, he declared that he identifies with his character, Captain Damian Fabre, as he is also a loving and caring father.

William took the opportunity to point out that although things are going well in his marriage, he won’t talk in depth about the issue in order to avoid potential speculations about separations and other topics. He added that his wife Elizabeth Gutierrez knows the media and what goes around: "She is a great woman, wife and mother. She has it all."

When he finishes filming for ‘La Tempestad’, Levy plans to return to the U.S. to further advance his film career. He also assured that he has several work proposals in the states.  

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