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Novela Pages: Marido en Alquiler [Part II]

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Marido en Alquiler/My Dear Handyman

Sonya Smith - Griselda Carrasco

Many things can be said about Griselda, all of them positive; she is honest and has solid valuesand integrity. She has managed to provide for her family, solely by her own efforts, by putting into practice the skills she learned from her father, from whom she also inherited her business and clients.

However, Griselda is a lonely woman who has learned to survive without love, after her husbandmysteriously disappeared at sea. But now her life is about to change as riches and the possibility of love appear in her life.

Juan Soler - Reinaldo Ibarra

If anything stands out about Teresa Cristina Palmer’s husband, it is his dissatisfaction. Even though he has money, a beautiful family, a very large house and is the owner and chef of one of the city’s most prestigious restaurants, Reinaldo is definitely not a happy man.

Every day he feels increasingly estranged from Teresa Cristina. Although he was once very in love with her, he is now having second thoughts about his marriage, having become tired of his wife’s insolence and rudeness. From the moment they first meet, Reinaldo feels an irresistible attraction to Griselda.

Maritza Rodríguez - Teresa Cristina Palmer de Ibarra

A beautiful but despicable woman, Teresa Cristina is full of deep dark secrets.
She is a refined woman who always has a hurtful comment on the tip of her
tongue. With Teresa Cristina, nothing is easy… nothing at all! This lady is capable
of anything as long as she gets what she wants.

Griselda’s proximity unleashes Teresa Cristina’s worst demons, as she threatens
the stability of Teresa Cristina’s home and love life. For this reason, Griselda
becomes the focus of Teresa Cristina’s hatred and unbalanced state of mind. 
She will not rest until she has destroyed Griselda.

Miguel Varoni - José Salinas

There are few con men as sly and deceitful as Griselda’s ex-husband. His
appearance even reflects his shady nature. Fifteen years ago, he disappeared
at sea, leaving his wife with three children, debts and a piggy bank with just
a few dollars in it.

When he finds out that Griselda is a millionaire, Jose Antonio reappears in
the hope of claiming his part of her fortune. Needless to say, he will come up
empty-handed, and then, in order to get some kind of monetary benefit from Griselda,
 he begins a relationship with Teresa Cristina… They are two of a kind.

Gabriel Coronel - Antonio Salinas Carrasco

There is perhaps no greater sin than disowning one’s mother. And that is exactly
what Griselda’s ambitious middle son does. He is the only one of Griselda’s children
who got to the university. He is studying Medicine and has gotten engaged to Teresa
Cristina’s daughter. But Antonio is ashamed of his social class, his family and his
mother’s job. And he tries at all costs to appear to be a rich young man, just like those he interacts with at school. He will pay dearly for this.

Kimberly Dos Ramos - Patricia Ibarra Palmer

Patricia, Reinaldo and Teresa Cristina’s daughter, inherited her mother’s beauty and
her father’s personality. She has a difficult relationship with her mother. Patricia
is an interesting, sensitive woman, and even though she was brought up in the
lap of luxury, she hates seeing the way her mother mistreats people with humble
beginnings. She will identify with Griselda in a special way. Patricia is a psychology
student and she may end up being disappointed by her boyfriend, Antonio, 
the young man she adores.

Roberto Manrique - Kike Salinas Carrasco

He is Griselda’s oldest son, and the total opposite of his brother Antonio. He is sincere,
attentive to his mother and always willing to help her. He also takes care of his small
son, Kikito, after his wife Barbara leaves him for a wrestler. In spite of his difficulties,
Kike continues to have an upbeat attitude. His world is shaken when Barbara returns because she is interested in Griselda’s fortune.

Ricardo Chávez - Gabriel Rodríguez

He has always been in love with Griselda, and is the only person who does not make
fun of or criticize her work. He is the manager of Taco Express. Hard-working and
generous, he agreed to hire Griselda’s son Kike, in spite of knowing that the young
man had no experience. Griselda ignores his proposals, even though she is sincerely grateful to him and feels true affection for him.

Pablo Azar - Rafael Álamo

He is Antonio’s childhood friend, but with the passing of time, they have gone their
separate ways. Unlike Griselda’s son, from a very young age, Rafael had to struggle in
order to make a life for himself. Although he has a pleasant personality, he is a schemer
and is involved in some shady business deals. His life will change drastically when
he discovers that he has fallen in love with Amalia, his long-time friend’s little sister. 
Because of this love, he will do his best to change his ways and walk the right path.

Ana Carolina Grajales – Amalia Salinas Carrasco

Griselda’s youngest daughter, she is the personification of tenderness. She is a welladjusted
young woman, who hasn’t caused any problems for her mother, whom she
admires more than anyone else. After graduating from high school, she devoted herself
to selling organic creams. She will fall in love with Rafael, a young man going down 
the wrong path.

Paulo Quevedo - Juan Pablo Palmer 

Although he is a true chauvinist, Teresa Cristina’s brother is in love with his wife,
Esther, who is also his partner at the fashion shop. Things are going very well with
his wife, until she has the idea of conceiving a child by the insemination of one of
her eggs with a donor’s sperm. At this point, things spin out of control when Juan Pablo becomes disturbed by the idea of his wife carrying a child that is not truly his.

Sandra Destenave - Esther Salas de Palmer 

After 18 years of marriage, this fashion designer has never given up on the idea of
being a mother. This is something that she increasingly longs for. But one thing she
had not bargained for was the resistance of her husband Juan Pablo of having a child.
In spite of this, Esther goes forward with her plan; in the end, after a long drawn
out process, she gives birth to a daughter and starts a relationship with Gabriel. 
Life always holds many surprises

Ariel Texido - Rosario Flores 'Ro'

Rosario is in a class of his own. A proud man, he must be available 24 hours a day
for Teresa Cristina, whom he always speaks highly of, using flattering nicknames for
her, even though all he gets in return is humiliation. The truth is, though, that “Ro” —
faithful defendant, assistant, and even stylist— is the only person that Teresa Cristina really trusts. Vibrant colors and tight pants are his trademark.

Daniela Navarro - Bárbara

Ambition has not been the best advisor to Kike’s former wife. At one point,
moved by her thirst for money, she abandoned her husband and child to go
overseas with a professional wrestler. No one heard any more from her. But now
that Griselda, her former mother-in-law, has won the lottery, Barbara is back.
And she will have to come face to face with the son she left behind 
and the man who loved her and is not willing to forgive her so easily.

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