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Novela Pages: Por Siempre mi Amor

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Por Siempre mi Amor

International Title: Forever Yours
Premiere: October 28, 2013
Remake of ‘Mi Segunda Madre’ (1989)
Opening Theme: "Para enamorarte de mi" by David Bisbal
Produced by: Ignacio Sada

Arturo de la Riva, an architect and the owner of a construction company has been happily married to Eugenia for ten years. He works there alongside Bruno, his best friend.
Isabel López Cerdán believes to be married for two years to Fernando Córdova, who she loves and trusts with all her heart. She’s an interior design and the owner of an arts center, where she works with her best friend Gabriel.

Isabel and Arturo’s life stories clash when Arturo’s wife Eugenia suddenly passes away, because her cousin Sonia secretly replaced her medicines, as she wanted Arturo for herself. At the same time Isabel finds out that Fernando is a fraud that has been stealing money from her, and that he’s married to a woman named Andrea, with whom he has two children. Therefore, their matrimony is not valid.

Isabel and Arturo are united by destiny at a heavenly beach in the Pacific. They begin a relationship that will face many obstacles, like the manipulations of Sonia and Fernando, who ends up in jail, and swears to avenge Isabel.  

Susana González - Isabel López-Cerdán Rojano de De la Riva
Guy Ecker - Arturo de la Riva
Dominika Paleta - Sonia Arenas
Thelma Madrigal - Aranza de la Riva Arenas
Pablo Lyle - Esteban Córdova Gutiérrez / Esteban Narváez Gutiérrez
Gabriela Platas - Andrea Gutiérrez
Sofía Castro - Dafne
Héctor Suárez Gomis - Fernando Córdova / Javier Castillo de la Fuente
Martha Julia - Gabriela San Román
David Ostrosky - Gilberto Cervantes
Antonio Medellin - Rodolfo
Luz María Zetina - Eugenia Arenas de De la Riva
Humberto Elizondo - Osvaldo de la Riva
Ana Martin - María "Tita" Escudero
Macaria - Minerva Gutiérrez
Alejandro Ruiz - Bruno Escudero
Alejandro Aragon - Mauricio Narváez
Elena Torres - Almudena
Tania Lizardo - Marianela
Jade Faser - Ileana
Francisco Rubio - Gonzalo
Carlos Bonavides - Padre Adalberto
Erick Díaz - Cristian
Juan Verduzco - Dr. Elías Carranza
Carlos Speitzer - El Borlas
Karyme Hernández - Aranza de la Riva Arenas (young)
Valentina Hauzori - Ileana (young)
Federico Porras - Esteban Córdova Gutiérrez (young)
Camila Peña - Dafne (young)
Silvia Lomelí - Teresa
Michelle Rodríguez - Linda
Yessica Salazar - Marcela
Emma Escalante - Lucrecia
Ricardo de Pascual - Gabino
Sachi Tamashiro
Dacia González

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