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'Madre sustituta' to be cancelled?

2:20 PMNovelas Radar

Lately strong rumors indicate that the new project of Mexican producer Giselle González, 'Madre sustituta', might be eventually cancelled following a decision taken by the Televisa executives. Although just a few days ago Esmeralda Pimentel and José Ron were confirmed as the stars of the upcoming series, and auditions have started for other roles, it’s still not confirmed that production will start.

It is still uncertain whether the novela will be produced, cancelled or postponed, and there haven’t been any official statement regarding this issue from the production or the cast.

'Madre sustituta' tells the story of a woman who faces economic problems and who takes care of her ill father. To earn money, she becomes a surrogate mother, but later she regrets the decision, not wanting to give away her baby.

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